A World in the past that allows you to make your choice and stand by it, Whether it be protecting the weak or killing the innocent.
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 Ketsueki , Kurosaku {Finish}

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Kurosaku Ketsueki
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Kurosaku Ketsueki

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PostSubject: Ketsueki , Kurosaku {Finish}   Ketsueki , Kurosaku {Finish} EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 5:38 pm

Name: Kurosaku , Ketsueki

Age: 15

Apperance: Kurosaku Ketsueki dresses in two different ways . One is his natural human form and two is his fighting form . Kurosaku has red and black long hair that is random doesn't know how its shape or anything . He has eyes that was born with himself . He wear a black and white jacket , the colors are mostly black . Also he has a black and blue mixed shirt . Last he wears a light black pants that has exactly four pockets like normal .

When Kurosaku is at his fighting form he doesn't look different , well to himself . He has the same hair shape or whatever . Kurosaku differently doesn't has the same eye color , which is really strange to others . His eyes turn blue even when he fight on land . He doesn't have a jacket but wears it with him . He wears a dark blue t-shirt . He wears his same black pants though .

Basic Class: Warrior

Level: 1

As A Child:
Kurosaku was the only child of the Ketsueki family . His mom Jennifer Ketsueki and his dad Michael Ketsueki both died by a kidnapped when Kurosaku was about two years old . Back then he didn't have any food to eat except bread . He shrugged living with strangers when he was two. A year later Kurosaku almost died because he drowned by swimming . At night he snicked out the house because the parents were jerks .
Living Alone:
Soon after Kurosaku ran out he found a forest . He decided he would live there for the rest of his life. Years past Kurosaku had thought running away was a bad thing . He started to get sick, starved, and was thirsty everyday . He looked all over a forest . One day he bumped into a man and he said " I heard you were here and ran away from some dudes family ." Kurosaku replied " Yes I did ." That night the dude decided to take him to his place .

Race: Human

Allignment: Good

Personality: Kurosaku is going to tell you his outside personality , continue reading he will be telling his inside personality . In the outside Kurosaku is very shy , quiet , nice , and brave . He's only nice to his bestfriends and his friends that are girls and every other girls . Everyone else he says Get out or die or Fu** off . He gets very shy at some moments . He doesn't really like to talk much or ask questions . He only answer questions but not stupid ones .

Kurosaku's inside personality is very different from his outside . He is the opposite of shy and nice . He's not really nice to girls that he don't know . If his bestfriends piss him off he will ask for a battle , doesn't care much who it is . His talking is not quite much different . He only talks at some points . Kurosaku doesn't likely much play around when he says something he really means it . Sometimes he could be very dangerous for some particular reason .

Rp sample: He walks over to the lake . Spotting no one , he awaits for a girls arrival . " Whats taking her so long ...?" He said to himself . He climbs tree as if he was a monkey . He had a perfect spot to see everything including the beautiful lake . Kurosaku wearing a red shirt with a burning skull in the middle, and a black jeans . Surprisingly a skateboard flew out of know were in the skys . It was about to land on him but quickly Kentoki jumped down off the tree and barely landed it . " Hey I haven't seen and used those in years !" He said to himself in excitement . He jumps back in the tree and gets the skateboard . " Ugh .. I forgot how to use this thing " He whispered . Kurosaku puts it down and kicks it . It rolled off and bumped to a tree . He sits near the lake thinking of the girl and sighs .

Strength: 10
Defense: 5
Stamina: 9
Range: 3
Health: 7
Mana: 1
Stealth: 6

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PostSubject: Re: Ketsueki , Kurosaku {Finish}   Ketsueki , Kurosaku {Finish} EmptySun Dec 13, 2009 8:36 pm

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Ketsueki , Kurosaku {Finish}
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