A World in the past that allows you to make your choice and stand by it, Whether it be protecting the weak or killing the innocent.
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 Underworld Monsters

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PostSubject: Underworld Monsters   Underworld Monsters EmptyMon Dec 14, 2009 4:55 pm

Level- 1
HP- 20
Intelligence- non
Alignement- evil
XP Giveout- 100
Description- Skeletons only do 1-6 points of damage. They suffer only half damage from sharp and/or edged weapons (spears, daggers, swords, etc). Blunt weapons do normal damage (clubs, maces, flails, etc). Sleep charm, hold and cold-based spells do not affect a skeleton. Holy water causes 2-8 pints of damage.

Skeleton Archer:
Level- 1
HP- 25
Intelligence- non
Alignement- evil
XP Giveout- 200
Descrition- Basically the same thing as a basic skeleton except for that they get 1-8 points of damage.

Skeleton Warrior:
Level- 1
HP- 30
Intelligence- non
Alignement- evil
XP Giveout- 300
Description- Again, pretty much the same thing as a basic skeleton except for that they do 2-10 points of damage.

Skeleton King:
Level- 5
HP- 100
Intelligence- Human
Alignement- evil
XP Giveout- 1000
Description- Normal attacks cause only half damage. Magic causes normal to critical damage. He is able to do from 20-40 points of damage. He is resistant to pretty much any type of temperature so don't bother trying to change the enviroment. His spells consist of Animate Dead, Magic Jar, Summon Shadow, and Passwall. He is also a very skilled weapons fighter.
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Underworld Monsters
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